The 5 Core Things You Should Know when looking for a divorce mediator

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How does a mediator work

Whether in the commercial or domestic divide, the truth of the matter is, that conflicts are bound to pop up at one point or the other. After all, it is human nature to disagree in different occasions. The whole difference is in the manner you address conflicts. Looking for a mediator is one of the most ideal ways of reaching a resolution. A mediator is a person who is fully equipped and has the capacity to come up with conflict resolution strategies for best results in the end.

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However, before you start looking for a divorce mediator, there are important things that you should recognize and understand. To begin with, you are bound to come across different mediators hence making the selection quest a tough one. Aside from that, other factors must be accounted for to ensure that you take moves towards the right direction.

Looking for a divorce mediator checklist:


  1. Attorneys and Judges Are Not The Ideal Mediators

The fact that attorneys and judges handle matters to do with justice does not render them good mediators. It is indisputable that they may be capable to reach a resolution when solving a particular conflict but the chances are remarkably low. Why? On very rare cases can a judge or an attorney stand neutral or non-judgmental. In fact, they may not be fully comfortable with the conflict at hand.


It is therefore, a great decision to drop the idea of hiring a judge or an attorney in conflict resolution since the end results may not work in your favor. A person in a different specialization is preferable.


  1. There must Be Connection Between You and The Mediator

It is greatly advised that you seek services from a mediator who is fully connected with you. In other words, you should have the element of comfort, openness, neutrality and above all trust when dealing with your mediator. A mediator who misunderstands or misjudges you should not be opted for. In fact, if you feel the slightest element of bossiness in a mediator, the wise move to make is searching for a better alternative. It is only best to take your time in searching for a mediator who you can share your worries and grievances with freely.


  1. Communication is Vital

One of the commanding traits that a mediator should bear is best communication skills. It is important to note that conflicts are quite critical and sensitive hence the need to deal with a person who can fully communicate with you as you take every step towards reaching a resolution. A mediator should not, in any way, do things in private meetings but in the open. In fact, you should be invited to the mediation table as the mediator finds a way to come up with a perfect resolution.



Important to note, a mediator should not be dominating or awkward when it comes to conversing with their clients. Instead, he should be the best listening ear and mediating mouth for clients. In a nutshell, mediation is literally impossible without mutual communication between you and the mediator.


  1. A Mediator Should Be Readily Available

One thing for sure is that you may not be able to predict when a conflict will arise. There are cases where conflicts strike when least expected. This means that the services of a mediator might be required at any given time. The mediator you have chosen should be ready to accommodate you at any given time and situation. You must not be compelled to wait longer than stipulated in order to get the services of a mediator. All appointments with your mediator should be addressed promptly rather than being rescheduled.


  1. Mediation Charges Vary

In as much as you would want to overlook mediation charges, the fact remains that they are very vital. After all, you would not want to stretch beyond your budget limit. Mediation charges might vary depending on a couple of factors. First, the mediator you have chosen may have lenient price quotes than the other. This is majorly fueled by competition in offering mediation services. Secondly, the nature of conflict may also determine what to pay in exchange for the respective services. Some cases may be so complex to be settled.

Divorce Mediator Pasco


Keep these 5 things in mind when looking for a divorce mediator will help you with your divorce process. Divorce is hard enough make sure you have the right help and guidance along the way. If your looking to save your marriage read this Click here

Divorce Mediator Pasco
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