Marriage counseling cost  The average cost for marriage and family counseling is about $100 per session. Insurance generally will not pay for marriage counseling unless the counselor finds you or your spouse suffering from a mental disorder.


To help put the cost of marriage counseling in perspective, there’s nothing you can buy for $10,000 that will give you the same quality of life that a healthy marriage provides.


Marriage counseling cost

So how much do marriage counselors charge? Rates vary from about $45 to $200 per session. The average is about $95.


It’s understandable to be nervous about meeting with a marriage counselor for the first time. Many people feel uncomfortable about discussing personal problems with a stranger.


Your hopes and fears give you the courage to take a chance, and reach out for help with your marriage. Your first session with a professional marriage counselor can be the start of a new chapter in your marriage.


Ideally, good marriage counseling should be strategic and always focused on helping a couple achieve their goals for the relationship. Without having a plan, and specific goals in mind, marriage counseling sessions can turn into opportunities to hash through recent problems as opposed to Focusing on Solutions.


Marriage counseling cost, the typical range is anywhere from $100-$300 per session. The lower end of the spectrum most likely being for no less than 45 minutes and the higher end usually 80 or 90 minutes.


Some marriage counselors insist on meeting for longer than 60 minutes and others insist that anything longer than 60 minutes is too long.
Whatever the marriage counseling cost the money could save your marriage and family.





marriage counseling cost

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