Social media and divorce! With social media having such a huge part in people’s lives social media and divorce has become very common. There are step you can take to stop social media divorce.


Social media Effects


There are so many great reasons for social media with that being said when you’re married or in a series relationship social media effects can be very bad. When you’re in a relationship there needs to be some ground rules set for you and your spouse when it comes to social media.



One in seven married individuals have considered divorce because of their spouse’s postings on Facebook or other online sites, according to research. An example of what causes so many problems with social media are people are searching and researching their spouses social media accounts and often they find information about things they had no idea about before even getting involved with on another.


Over 2,000, husbands and wives, found the most common reasons for checking their spouse’s social media accounts was to discover who they were talking to, who they were meeting and where they were going. The survey by Censuswide


Divorce attorneys agree that social media has increasingly played a part in marriage breakdowns. Eighty one percent of divorce attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said they’d seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence in the five years prior. The Divorce Attorneys said Facebook was the number one source for finding online evidence, with 66 percent admitting they’d found evidence by combing the site.


Social Media And Divorce (Facebook)


Facebook is the number one reason why there is social media and divorce. With facebook you share so many memories with photos and text and a lot of those digital memories are never erased meaning when you break up those pictures are out there for your next relationship partner to find.


This starts the fighting and arguing!


It’s also super easy to find old friends and ex’s which can lead to emotion getting started by reuniting. Now jealous starts to set in and then comes the investigating which is going to reveal things you probably don’t want to know. We all have a past and we have all done things we would like to forget but with the day an age of social media makes that impossible.



Social Media And Divorce (Instagram)


Instagram is a photo-sharing app for iPhone & Android users. Launched on October 6, 2010. Instagram can cause relationship problems mainly because of the pictures that are posted. It seem everyone is posting more and more private pictures just to gain followers and likes. If you are one of these people your spouse or partner is going to get upset in time.


Social Media is an addiction to some people so when a relationship is started the first thing you need to talk with your partner about is all your social media accounts and by all means just be honest if there a picture on social media your partner will find it in time. And if this happens the fight will be 100 times worse then if you would’ve just told the truth in the beginning.


Social Media And Divorce (Twitter)


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that has changed the way many people communicate.Some see this as a way to simply report their ’status’ to friends, some use it to post interesting links, some use it as a savvy marketing tool.


Reports say Twitter is the number two reason for social media divorce. Reasons being pictures and the 140 characters twitter lets you post. Again when you get involved in a relationship or you’re using twitter without telling your partner. You’re leaving a digital trail that will be found.

How to stop social media and divorce


The most important thing is to just be honest when you meet someone. Even if you’re embarrassed about the picture the statement whatever it is just be honest. Now if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t know about your social media accounts you need to come clean period. If you don’t you’re just asking for relationship problems.


The best advice is to have joint social media accounts this will solve all social media problems if this is not acceptable to you then you need to think again about getting involved in a series relationship.


Please comment below and share your opinion about social media and divorce or just share your story about how social media has impacted your relationship weather it be for the good or bad.

Social Media And Divorce

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